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Jim Sheridan (born 6 February 1949) is an Irish playwright, screenwriter, film director, and film producer. Between 1989 and 1993, Sheridan directed two critically acclaimed films set in Ireland, My Left Foot and

In the Name of the Father. 


Jim later directed In America, for these projects Jim has received six Academy Award nominations.


Over a career that has spanned 40 years, Jim has been a major force in Ireland's cultural life in both film and theatre. Whether in founding the avant-garde Project Theatre in Dublin with director Neil Jordan or as the Director of The Irish Arts Center in New York or as a filmmaker of international renown, he has chronicled Irish life and Ireland's relationships to the outside world for a generation. 

Jim’s films have been nominated for 16 Academy Awards, 14 Golden Globes, 3 Berlin International Film Awards, 3 WGAS, 8 BAFTA's and 8 IFTA's.

His work on 3 films with Daniel Day-Lewis helped him secure an Academy Award for My Left Foot but also helped guide him into being what Time Magazine recently acclaimed as 'The World's Greatest Actor’. 


Jim Sheridan has helmed multi-million dollar star productions for major studios with acclaimed performances from Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts in Dream House, Toby Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman in Brother's and rap legend 50 Cent in Get Rich or Try Dyin.

As a producer he has produced his own large budget productions but over the years has also fostered the voices of other up and coming Irish talent such as Academy Award winning writer/director Terry George, director John Carney, whose film Once won an Academy Award in 2008 and Paul Greengrass for his breakthrough movie Bloody Sunday. Jim wrote Into the West for director Mike Newell who went on to direct the critically acclaimed Four Weddings and a Funeral 

& Donnie Brasco

Jim Sheridan
Jim Sheridan

Actors talk about working with Jim

Daniel Day-Lewis

Academy Award Winner

My Left Foot, 1989

“This film and working with Jim Sheridan changed my life. I doubt I will have a happier experience. Not just because the film had a kind of success that we certainly didn't expect, but more really because of the way we made the film.” 

Samantha Morton

Academy Award Nominee

In America, 2003

"I've been in films since I was 12, but I've never been on any film set, or with another director [like this]. It's about feeling what you're feeling, and going through it with you. To be able to fine-tune it, it's like a conductor or composer. I think that's a gift, isn't it? It was an incredible experience."

Tobey Maguire

Golden Globe Winner

Brothers, 2009

"He's great, he's so passionate, he's so emotional. He's got an amazing creative sense or spirit."

"He's just a really creative guy and really intense and lovely too."

Natalie Portman

Brothers, 2009

"He was fantastic, I mean such a hands on, passionate director and he kinda does everything out of love and creativity. It was really fun."

Rooney Mara,

The Secret Scripture, 2016

"He's just mad as a hatter, I love him,

it was a really fun experience."

"He was amazing, I really loved working with him so much. I hope I get a chance to work with him again." 

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